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Guarantee your Digital Privacy with Abine

The worst cybersecurity disaster ever to hit a social media company happened this week. Hackers got access to Twitter accounts of some of the world’s most recognizable figures including the former US president Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezoz, Michael Bloomberg, and Warren Buffett amongst others. The hack promoted a bitcoin scam that processed 283 transactions and received approximately $117,000. 

If such prominent people can have their digital privacy compromised, what about the average citizen?

What is digital privacy?

Digital privacy is all about the right to keep your personal information and sensitive data secured online. However, this is not as simple as it seems. Every time you login to your email, visit a website or post on a social media network, you are inevitably leaving a digital footprint that can be tracked and traced back to you. 

We’re not just talking about the bad habits or awkward hobbies you may have online. Digital privacy has a surveillance aspect to it. Data brokers such as Spokeo, BeenVerified, PeopleFinder and WhitePages are companies that scrape information from public records and compile it into a database. They collect your name, address, age, phone number, occupation, place of work, mother’s maiden name and even the last meal you ate. They sell this information and before you know it, you are being bombarded with ads that seem to know your deepest, darkest secrets. 

Public wi-fi’s are the most notorious when it comes to your online vulnerability with cybercriminals. All it takes is one rogue app to maliciously interact with your privacy protections by overlaying a fake login screen to collect your data and credentials. The next thing you know, you are dealing with ransomware, identity theft or a total cleanout of your bank account.

How do you protect your privacy and security in this digital age?

Here is where Abine comes into play. Abine is the online privacy company that offers easy-to-use tools for consumers to control their personal information online. They provide data security measures to ensure that you are not being stalked online by your internet service provider (ISP), your employer, advertisers and corporations, hackers, cyber criminals and even the government. 

Abine offers customers two, user friendly online, privacy solutions called Blur and DeleteMe.

Manage your payments and passwords with Blur

Blur is a product that helps you access and protect your passwords, payment and privacy on your iOS or Android device. It favors the “set and forget” type of software that is especially handy for people who don’t have the time to learn the nitty gritty of how every password manager works. Blur allows you to shop online without revealing your true phone number, email address or credit card details. It utilizes AES-256 encryption and host-proof-hosting to safely store your passwords

What makes Blur unique from other online password managers is the three-way masking feature for email, phone, and credit cards. 

Email masking:

This service ensures that any potential hackers, scammers, or spammers cannot gain access to your real email. It generates a ‘fake’ email address that you can use with online merchants. All your messages and replies would come from the masked address. On the dashboard, you can see how many times you have used your masked email address. No other website or merchant will ever see your true email address. 

Phone masking:

The phone masking service is similar to email masking. You get to pick a specific country’s dialing code from a drop-down menu, add the phone number you wish hidden and Blur does the rest. You can make and receive phone calls from the masked number and receive texts and voicemails. Unfortunately, you cannot send text messages from the masked number. 

Credit card masking:

Blur protects your real credit card details from nosy programs by generating random letter or number sequences. The masked card works more like a prepaid gift card because you fill in the exact amount you are about to pay online. Exploitative merchants cannot top up the bill because the value of the card is capped at the amount of the transaction.

Protect your identity online with DeleteMe

This service from Abine does exactly that. It deletes your personal information from more than 30 of the largest data brokers and other mischievous entities, especially in the US. DeleteMe is constantly changing their modus to ensure third parties cannot collect your personal data. 

Backed by premium investment firms, DeleteMe removes your name, phone numbers, addresses, images, emails, property, or court records, and even lists of your family members and their home addresses. It protects your privacy and identity online

The DeleteMe service works through 4 steps. 

1. Registration:

You sign up by providing all the information about yourself you would like removed, for example your names (including aliases and common misspellings) and date of birth. You are required to upload your state-issued ID to verify who you are. 

2. Search and removal:

Abine’s DeleteMe operators manually search through and remove your information from data brokers and all search results. 

3. Privacy report:

After 7 days, you will receive a detailed status report clearly explaining what data has been removed and from what service.

4. Quarterly revision:

DeleteMe implements an intensive removal of your personal information every three months, thus minimizing your online footprint.

Prices and plans for Blur and DeleteMe

With Blur, you can try out the free version first that blocks web trackers and manages your passwords but does not offer email masking. The Premium basic edition costs $39, but you would have to pay a fee to mask credit cards. You can also opt to pay $14.99 a month or $99 annually that includes priority support and a whole lot more. 

DeleteMe offers three payment plans. Standard protection is billed at $129/year for one person. The most popular DeleteMe protection costs $229/year for two people while the best value option costs $349/2 years and covers two people.

Your privacy concerns are valid

While the best way to protect your digital privacy may involve being completely off the grid, we know this is close to almost impossible. Abine services will minimize your online footprint while maintaining your safety and security online. Why not give Abine a try?

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