Six Quality Webcams Worth Exploring

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Six Quality Webcams Worth Exploring

Webcams used to be marketed mainly to vloggers and gamers, but the current pandemic changed the playing field. Constant demand and technological advances have (thankfully) moderated the cost of webcams, making it more affordable to get a versatile webcam full of useful features. 

It’s good to note that not every webcam works with every operating system or computer. Most webcams work on a plug-and-play basis with all Windows versions, but it is always good to check the compatibility with your device and operating system. MacOS and Linux users should be wary about this.

Let’s jump straight into our list of 6 quality webcams you can purchase for business or leisure.

1. Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Pro Webcam

The BRIO webcam made by Logitech falls under the crème de la crème of webcams. Packed full of stunning features, BRIO serves up professional-quality videos for streaming, video conferencing and recording. It has a 4K ultra high-def camera with a 5x digital zoom that can switch between 720p and 1080p. 

The webcam has a glass lens and not one, but two, omnidirectional, noise-canceling microphones built-in. Logitech BRIO lets you choose between three different field-of-view settings – 65°, 78° and 90°, meaning you will always look your best in any lighting condition. 

As if that wasn’t fancy enough, Logitech set the benchmark when they included optical and infrared sensors with facial recognition capabilities. Forgot your Windows 10 password? Just look into BRIO’s lens and you will be logged in. It is perfect for senior citizens and those who have problems remembering passwords.

2. Yongjoy 1080p Autofocus Webcam

Boasting amazingly crisp, true-to-life, image quality, the Yongjoy is a notable choice amongst YouTube vloggers and game streamers. Whether in dim or overexposed lighting conditions, the Yongjoy autofocus kicks in and automatically balances fuzziness and instability. It has facial-enhancement technology and two, omnidirectional stereo microphones that would make any beauty blogger blush. 

One thing we like about this webcam is the owl-like, display of flexibility. The camera can turn a full 360°. It can be mounted on one spot and angled to suit your comfort. This entirely adjustable webcam comes with an inclusive tripod and can also be chipset on any computer monitor or laptop. 

This 1080p plug-and-play webcam is compatible with all Windows systems, macOS from 10.6, smart TV’s, Android V5.0 or above, Chrome OS and many more.

3. VSILE 1080p Webcam

If you are the prime speaker in most of your online interactions, then the VSILE 1080p webcam is perfect for you. We are nodding at those who teach distance learning and run online conferences or workshops. 

This 5 million-pixel, HD camera captures razor-sharp images while the real-time, autofocus, wide-angle lens has features that will reflect your image with sheer clarity. The webcam has a 130° viewing angle that works brilliantly for conference calls. It has a frame rate of 30 FPS and supports both 720p and 1080p video calls. 

VSILE 1080p has an in-built, high sensitivity, noise-canceling microphone that allows you to be audible at a distance of up to 5 meters, even if you are in a noisy workspace.

4. Ausdom AW165 HD Webcam

The Ausdom AW165 stands out with its circular, sleek design. It is not rectangular like most other webcams, and it has a manual focus function. 

The 5-layer, film-coated glass lens promotes micro spur shooting, while the lavish field of view will let you include the whiteboard in team discussions. The AW615 webcam comes equipped with optical distortion correction technology that prevents the image from blurring out, especially while using the large viewing angle. 

The webcam can rotate up, down, left, and right and the foldable metal memory clip can be mounted on any monitor or flat surface. Although it lacks digital zoom, motion detection or face tracking, it makes up for it in image resolution and video specifications.

5. Amcrest 1080p HD Webcam

What caught our attention about the Amcrest 1080p HD webcam is the built-in privacy cover. The flip-up, cover provides privacy, security, and peace of mind when not in use as it prevents web hackers from spying on you. You do not need to purchase a separate lens cover like the other webcam options.  

With a wide 90° viewing angle, enhanced capability sensors, and no optical distortion, the Amcrest 1080p works well for video conferencing and webinars.  The webcam offers superior stereo audio, thanks to the dual noise-reducing microphone. The USB 2.0 plug-and-play Amcrest is compatible with Android, Windows, and macOS.

6. LXM 1080p HD Webcam

The LXM 1080p is a high-def, fixed focus webcam with a rate of 30FPS and 100° full HD viewing angle, making it ideal for video conferencing and gaming. 

This webcam is armed with a sound-absorbing and noise-reducing microphone that can capture sound within 5 meters, while eliminating background commotion. It has an adjustable bracket that can be rotated left to right, giving you a unique perspective when recording or video chatting. 

The LXM 1080p is compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, and Chrome operating systems as well as the Smart TV and TV Box.

A Note Before We Wrap Up

While chatting away with family or closing business deals online, webcams can let hackers gain remote access to your device. Covering your camera with a post-it note may work as a temporary fix, but they leave a sticky residue on the lens and are not very discreet. Investing in a proper webcam cover ensures that your privacy is protected at all times.

EYSOFT 0.7mm Webcam cover

A simple solution to protect yourself from hackers is the EYSOFT webcam covers. They come with a double-sided tape for easy installation, and they fit most webcams on laptops, computers, and tablets. These covers have a movable slider that you can use to open or close the camera. 

Consisting of two detachable pieces, the EYSOFT webcam covers can be taken apart, cleaned, and returned to the device, without any adhesive traces left behind. 

Available in packets of 5, the subtle EYESOFT webcam covers are insanely thin, measuring only 0.0022 inches thick.

We hope you can move away from grainy images and literally change the way you see yourself through a quality webcam.

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